Optimised Rehabilitation Design

Our designs often save 30% in earthworks cost compared to original client design. This is because a 3D Data design considers construction cost and machine selection during the design process, leading to design that is inherently low cost to build. We consider designing a landform to be an iterative process and will work with you from concept to construction. During the design process we can provide feedback to you regarding changes to design constraints that could result in dramatic cost savings



We can deliver

  • Concept and construction designs

  • Alternate designs for non-conforming tender bids

  • A number of design options for review.

  • On-site discussion for design parameters and design criteria.

Rapid Concept Designs

Multiple design options can be created and assessed  to see the impacts of final landform criteria before progressing to the construction design phase.

Ie comparing steeper slopes with more drainage structures against flatter slopes with no or minimal drainage structures




From Conceptual to Construction

Integration of design features such as benches, multigrade slopes, capping, exclusion area and varying swell factors directly into the 3D design phase allows rapid creation and modification of construction designs.

We can work with you to take your concept design through to construction


Construction Cost Optimised

3D Data Guidance designs consider construction cost at all stages of the design process to ensure that end result is the cheapest way to achieve final landform criteria.

The lowest volume design may not the cheapest or easiest to construct