Tender Analysis

A 3D Data Guidance Tender Analysis provides a detailed breakdown of material by movement distances and slopes for accurate cost estimation. Identify uphill, sideways and flat unproductive pushing ahead of time.

“The cost of dozer push ($/bcm moved) has reduced by nearly 40% due to material movement analysis”

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Design Review

A 3D Data Guidance design review can provide you with a comparison of multiple design options including an alternative concept design that could save time & money.

During this process we will identify areas that are difficult or expensive to construct and collaborate with your design team to get the most out of your design constraints.

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Equipment Selection

Detailed analysis of material movements allows you to select the right equipment mix to get the job done on time and under budget. Our specialist software determines the location and volume of material that can be allocated to dozers and what must be left for scrapers/trucks.

Adding a Spadeblade could extend the usable range of your dozer fleet.