About Us

The directors David Hall and Cameron Voss have a long history in the Mining and Engineering Industries. David’s extensive experience in Bulldozer operations technologies, design of engineering equipment for agriculture and mining uses. Cameron started out as a mining surveyor in the early 2000s in Central Queensland. David and Cameron first crossed paths in mid 2001 when David was managing his technology start-up company (which later sold to Hitachi Construction Machinery Co. in 2015) with a major earthmoving contractor on a mine site in Central Queensland.

Over the next few years Cameron managed and operated his own survey contracting company focussing on mine surveying, mine rehabilitation and machine guidance, while David continued with his endeavours for Machine Guidance and improvement technologies for bulldozing. David with his extensive experience in bulldozer operations and Cameron’s experience in Mine reclamation design and construction saw the need to improve the efficiencies of Bulldozers in the mining and construction industries. They started 3D Data Guidance in late 2010 with a focus on improving dozers as a production tool for the mining industries.

This has lead the company to create its own software for Mine rehabilitation design and costing, production reporting, landform construction Guidance and other technologies for improving the efficiencies of bulldozers as production tools. 3D Data Guidance Pty Ltd is now seen as a leader in efficient land rehabilitation design, dozer productivity utilization and hold various patents in the mining and reclamation spaces.