Construction Guidance

Includes machine guidance compatible directions to ensure that construction is fast and efficient. 

  • Directional Push Arrows for Machine Guidance

  • Intermediate surfaces for Machine Guidance(multiple design surfaces for operator guidance)

  • On-going support for design alterations (material swell factors)

  • Periodical Site visits for progress updates and design discussions



Ongoing support

Our construction packages include provision for design changes if in-field conditions change. If you experience unexpected material swelling/compaction we can quickly adjust the design, reproduce all guidance information and upload it to your machines.



Operator Guidance

Push direction arrows and intermediate surfaces guide operators through the job to ensure material is moved efficiently to its final location avoiding costly material rehandling. Arrows and slices can be displayed on many existing gps machine guidance systems. These guidance tools provide 3d directions to ensure that all operators are following the same plan and that material is moved to the right place the first time.


In addition to the usual paper & digital plans, we can create 3D printed models of the final landform to give operators and stakeholders a physical representation of the end result. We can also display guidance information overlayed on Google Earth imagery to allow anyone to easily visualise the job at hand.