CQ Coal Mine - Waste dump rehabilitation

 3D Data Guidance Pty Ltd was asked by our client to calculate the expected cost of re-shaping a dis-used out of Pit waste dump at a Central Queensland coal mine. The process involves working out mathematically the distances that volumes of material are required to be moved in order to build the proposed rehabilitation design. Costs are then allocated to each piece of material that has to be moved for each respective distance.

The Proposed Design created by their own site engineers, of the rehabilitation project was received from the client. 3D Data conducted a Material Push Analysis using the supplied design and current topographical surface models. The distances and volumes of material were calculated and are seen in the table below.

3D Data then set about creating a design that would meet all of the specifications (as per their EMS), and with the knowledge of efficient design principles. The design was created and then a Material Push Analysis was conducted on the new design.

The two Material Push Analysis results were compared and are shown below in the table.

Table 1.0 – Material Push Analysis Comparison

The results show that a considerably large amount of material (close to 50%) was reduced to be moved, this equates to savings in; less material being moved, less fuel used to achieve the final outcome, less equipment required to complete project (for same deadline). Several tens of thousands of dollars were saved by the client, for only a small cost to the client from the work done by 3D Data.


Client Design

3D Data Guidance Design